Q: What is a rec district and how will it be funded?

A: The Northern Valley Recreation District will create recreational assets for the local community. It will be a taxing district that is the same footprint as the McCall-Donnelly School District, but will not be affiliated with the School District. This will create a taxing levy of .0003 or $30 per year for every $100,000 of taxable value on your home

Q: What kinds of assets could we expect to see?

A: Several amenities, to include:

*Expanded and connected trail systems

*Open space and easements

*Recreation complex/facility with outdoor sports fields and courts, an indoor pool and recreation spaces that enhance lifetime health opportunities.

Q: What other resources might come from a recreation district?

A: The district will also create a central repository for information sharing between and among community groups. It could serve as a place for collaboration by all those providing recreational programming and maintenance of existing facilities and trails while providing for Community with lifetime health.

Q: Will this be for locals or tourists?

A: The district will serve locals first! The amenities created will also serve visitors to the area as well. This tax is being created by locals for locals, but all funding, whether from locals or second home owners, will remain in our region and provide for health and recreation for our community.

Q: What will the impacts be on the local economy?

A: A recreation district can improve our local economy by creating a sustainable recreation platform to expand recreation infrastructure. Some examples of these benefits are available HERE

Q: Will there be community programs in addition to facilities?

A: Yes. The district may also create healthy programming to reduce obesity or other diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Fitness classes and after school programming could be included if the community would like to see these types of programs.

Q: How will the district work with other nonprofits in the area?

A: A recreation district can provide a setting for community partnerships and collaborative funding opportunities to thrive. We anticipate expanded grants and donations to public health initiatives coming from the creation of a recreation district.

Q: How will the district operate?

A: The District is created by the appointment of 3 Board of Trustees. This can expand to 5 Trustees upon the vote of the appointed board. These will be elected positions that will run for re-election. Trustees will represent each area of the District. Through your elected official each area has the ability to make decisions on where and how these funds are spent.

Q: Will the district be held accountable to tax payers?

A: Yes. The budget and finances of the District will be transparent and audited as a public entity.

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